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Young Woman Sends Embarrassing Selfie To Parents (Photos)

Young people are constantly taking selfies, it seems, but they may not realize that checking their surroundings before taking one could be vital.

One young woman learned that lesson the hard way, says Daily Mail, when she sent a pre-job-interview selfie to her family without noticing in time what was sitting next to her: not one, but two sex toys.

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As soon as the woman realized what she had done, she frantically texted her sister, asking her to “spam the fam text for a min so mom won’t see.”

Much to the young woman’s embarrassment, her sister decided to ignore the call of help and instead, she posted screenshots of the conversation to Imgur.

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Since being posted, the photos have been viewed nearly 200,000 times. 

It's probably safe to say she's learned her lesson about taking selfies.

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Sources: Daily MailImgur / Photo credit: Imgur

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