Scientists Discover Substance Resistant To Acid (Videos)


Scientists have been conducting experiments to see how random objects react to a type of acid. Most of the experiments end in destruction, but one object that holds up to the acid may surprise you (videos below).

Experiments conducted by the people behind the Chemistry Flicks YouTube channel show scientists pouring chlorosulfonic acid over objects including a fruit, a smartphone, chocolate, and a lab coat, among other things, says Huffington Post.

Every object but one disintegrated after coming in contact with the acid.

First up is piece of a banana, which immediately burns up in the acid:

Next, the highly corrosive chlorosulfonic acid is poured over a sponge:

The scientists followed up the sponge experiment with a larger piece of chicken breast meat:

Then, the team decided to see how well protected they would be from the acid in their lab coats:

As it turns out, the lab coats don't help much. Next, they tried an LG Nexus 5 smartphone:

In their final experiment, the scientists found the one substance that can withstand the corrosive acid - chocolate!

The results surprised many viewers and led some to suggest that the scientists have their lab coats made from chocolate in the future.

"It would definitely make science more delicious!" the Chemistry Flicks channel responded to the suggestion. "Probably sticky too."

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