Road Rage Incident Turns Violent (Video)


Footage of a violent episode of road rage has been circulating on social media (video below).

A road rage incident caught on camera shows a man standing up to a bully with a knife.

The video begins with the bully approaching the other man with a knife in hand. The other man asks him to put away his knife and he complies.

After putting his knife away in his car, the bully returns to face the other man before being swiftly shoved to the ground in the middle of the road. He tries to get up to get away but has no such luck.

The bully tries to kick and punch the other man but continues to get beat down.

By the end of the video, the knife-wielding bully looks completely terrified, sitting on the ground before the other man finally walks away.

Watch video of the intense altercation above.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Real Videos on March 12, though it's unclear where this incident took place. The individuals involved have yet to be identified.

Sources: Mad World NewsReal Videos/YouTube / Photo Credit: Real Videos/YouTube

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