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Single Mom Thanks Cop For 'Amazing' Act Of Kindness


A police officer in Glendale, Arizona, could have arrested a struggling single mother that he saw trying to sell her children's toys on the side of the road. Instead, he decided to perform an incredible act of kindness for her and her kids.

Glendale Police Sgt. Jeff Turney came across the single mother, April Casey, on a street corner with her two young sons, 14-month-old Ethan and 4-year-old Skyler, according to KPHO/KTRK.

"I saw April with her children, with toys spread out on the ground," Turney said. "I told her she couldn't have her children out there. It was too dangerous to have her children out there along the edge of the road."

When the officer asked Casey why she was selling the toys, she told him that she had to leave her job at a pizzeria due to a seizure, and was struggling to pay for necessities.

After hearing about the woman's situation, Turney decided to lend a helping hand.

He drove the family to a nearby store, where he used his own money to buy them diapers, wipes and food.

Casey said she was grateful for the officer's kindness. 

"I wasn't even worried about myself at the time," she said. "I was just worrying about my kids, that they had what they needed. That's what I was doing out there in the first place.

"What Sergeant Turney did for us was amazing and I will be forever grateful."

Turney said he gave the boys junior officer badges and hugs.

"I'm not unique," Turney said. "I'm just one of many officers out here on the streets of Glendale who do this every day."

This is not the first time a police officer has helped out a parent in need.

In 2014, a police officer in Tarrant, Alabama caught a struggling mother attempting to shoplift eggs from a dollar store, the Daily Mail reported at the time. Instead of arresting the woman, he bought the eggs for her and handed them to her in the parking lot. 

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