School Under Investigation For Sending Student With Learning Disability Home In Diaper


A Washington elementary school is under investigation after it reportedly sent a child with a learning disability home in a diaper (video below).

Mint Valley Elementary School in Longview, Washington, is being investigated by the school district after a child was sent home wearing just a backpack, shirt, diaper and no pants, KOIN 6 News reported. The student had reportedly soiled himself.

The incident occurred on Feb. 16. The child’s foster parent said the boy has a learning disability.

According to district policy, children are supposed to have an extra set of clothes on hand for these kinds of situations.

Sandy Catt, who works with Longview Public Schools, said the school did not follow protocol in this case.

“Typical protocol would be that the child would be cleaned up and outfitted with some sort of unisex loaner sweats or something like that,” Catt told KOIN 6 News. “That protocol was not followed, and from a district level we have investigated that.”

It is unclear how the decision to send the child home in just a diaper was made. The district allegedly contacted the family. Catt said the investigation is ongoing.

The school previously made headlines in 2012 for using isolation boxes in special needs classrooms.

Sources: TDNKOIN 6 News / Photo Credit: KOIN 6 News/YouTube Screenshot

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