Mom's Mistake In Safe Sex Letter To Son Goes Viral

A Mother’s mistake in a letter to her son reminding him to practice safe sex has captured international attention.

“Son, I know you have grown up now, and I’m proud of you. When Ashley comes over tonight, if things get serious, make sure you’re safe. Use this [condom]. PS: Your dinner is in the fridge honey…Love, Mom,” the letter reads, the Daily Mirror reports.

Yet what the mother failed to realize is when she had pinned the letter with the condom to the fridge, she broke the condom and rendered it useless.

The post has since gone viral and has been met with amusement.

One user jokingly added that perhaps the mother really just wanted grandchildren.

It’s not the first time an unusual letter has captivated the internet.

A waitress in England got into trouble after she misspelled a customer’s surname on their receipt as  “Shawankers” instead of “Shawcross.”

"When it was brought to my attention how [the customer] interpreted the name [I had written], I was mortified. I explained to her at the time that it was in no way intended how she interpreted it and that I'd genuinely entered it how I read their surname, pronounced ‘Shaw ankers’,” said the waitress, Donna Miles. "I apologized and organized a complimentary cocktail for her.”

Yet the customer wasn’t buying it.

"They [try] to tell you it’s a spelling mistake !!! Yes I misspell Shawcross like this all the time !! ‪#‎youarethew**kers.’", the customer - Victoria Whittle - wrote on social media before deleting the post.

However, the restaurant owner insists it was a mistake.

"During a busy Saturday night service, as normal practice, a reservation was lifted from the table plan reservation sheet and entered onto the system. A genuine mistake was made entering the name. The name was entered onto the system how it read on the reservation sheet,” owner David Cheshire said.

Meanwhile, the waitress is upset the customer does not believe her and posted about it on social media.

"To then discover that Victoria had posted a copy of the receipt online I was furious. For people to think that I had intentionally entered their name incorrectly and as a rude word is simply preposterous and untrue. Why would I potentially [jeopardize] all our hard work by ‘insulting’ the guests?,” she added.

Sources: The Daily Mirror(2)  / Photo credit: Imgur

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