Child Helps Crying Homeless Man (Photos)


A conversation between a crying homeless man and a young girl in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 10 has captured the hearts of many nationwide.

“After leaving out of the store today my daughter did something that really made me stop and think,” the child’s mother, Kenyatta Lewis, wrote on her Facebook page, before sharing the inspiring interaction she had just seen.

“A 6 year old lead by example this morning,” she later added. “AWESOME ! Kids see no color and that's exactly how it should be. It's not just a statement saying that the children are our future, it's a FACT. That gives me a little more hope for the world.”

After the 6-year-old girl saw the man crying outside a store, the mother explained she approached him and tried to help.

“She walked over to him and goes 'hi sir be happy it's a nice day it's not raining,'” the mother recalls in a Facebook post. “‘Are you hot? Why don't you go home the ground is dirty?" He says I have no home but I will be ok. She looked at him with the saddest face and goes "so that means you're homeless. So you have no food because you have no refrigerator.’”

At that point, the girl pulled out some money from her purse and handed it over to the man.

"’Please go eat. It would make me happy. I like McDonald's you should go there,” the young girl said to him.

Before long, two others who had been watching the incident unfold also felt inspired to help and gave the man some money.

It was perfect timing. It turned out the man had recently been through one tragedy after another.

“We had a small conversation and he explained his trailer burnt down and he lost everything including his wife. I felt for him. It just warms my heart,” said Lewis.

Since Lewis wrote about the incident, the post quickly went viral and has been shared more than 170,000 times in two weeks.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ January 2015 statistics, over half a million people are homeless every night.

Of that number, around 206,000 were people in families.

Sources: Kenyatta Lewis/Facebook, National Alliance to End Homelessness / Photo credit: Kenyatta Lewis/Facebook

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