Officer's Act Of Kindness Makes Young Boy's Day

A police officer's random act of kindness has captured the attention of local citizens.

Edwin Gonzalez was outside playing soccer when his sister, Lindsay Rodriguez, says their dad warned him to take it easy. Lindsay and Edwin are both under the age of 10.

"My dad told him to not kick it really hard," Lindsay told KSNT. 

Edwin didn't listen to his dad and wound up kicking the ball a bit too hard, causing it to roll into the street. At the same time, a Topeka Police vehicle was driving by; the car popped Edwin's ball.

"He didn't see it until he popped it," Edwin said. "And then he came back, gave me the old ball and he told me he'd give me a ball back."

Officer Ralph Belt was driving the car that popped Edwin's ball. He kept his promise and, a couple of days later, returned with gifts for the children: a brand new soccer ball for Edwin and police stickers for Lindsay.

The act of kindness caught the attention of neighbor Lee Glenn, who shared a post about the incident, highlighting Officer Belt's generosity.

Edwina and Lindsay told KSNT what they learned from the experience.

"They just try their best to be helpful," Lindsay said.

Edwin added, "They're not trying to be mean, and they're helpful and they try to save people."

The Topeka Police Department received plenty of positive feedback from the community after posting about the incident.

"Officer Belt is a conscientious, respectable and hard-working officer," one woman commented on a Facebook post. "I've known him for YEARS and have the utmost respect for him, for his heart for this community and his protection of its citizens. There is no finer young man on the local police force. Officer Raph, I honor you, your integrity & your service to our city."

Sources: KSNTTopeka Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: KSNT

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