Boy With Cerebral Palsy Stands For National Anthem (Video)

A Michigan mother has shared a video of her 9-year-old boy, who has cerebral palsy, attempting to stand during the national anthem (video below). 

Breitbart News reports that Rebecca Wilson's son, Logan, cannot walk without the help of medical equipment.  

“He always takes off his hat,” she said. “But until yesterday I never really saw him try to stand. He just knew that is what we do to show respect to our country and everyone who fights so hard for us.  He is truly just an amazing kid just doing what he loves.”

Logan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and doctors told Rebecca that he would have a poor quality life. Despite this, he plays in special needs baseball and goes to Detroit Tigers games as often as he can.  

In the video Rebecca uploaded to her Facebook account, Logan tries to stand for the anthem playing on TV during a game, even putting his hand to his heart.  He also applauded and tried to sing along when the fans cheered on screen.  

Rebecca wrote in her post: “Even my 9 year old with CP (who can’t walk) knows you’re supposed to stand up during the national anthem… He loves it!”

Facebook users were mostly positive in their responses. 

One user wrote, "Love this! love him! Thumbs up Logan !"

Another wrote, "You ROCK Logan!!!!! Show em how it's really done!!!"

Regarding athletes such as Colin Kaepernick, she said: “In my opinion, I believe they are not only disrespecting their own country, a country that affords them the right to do what they did, but also disrespecting all the people who fight for this country.  I do not disagree with their reasons for doing what they did, I disagree with the actions they took.”

Sources: Breitbart News, Rebecca Wilson via YouTube, Rebecca Wilson/Facebook / Photo credit: Shiloh Carder/Yardbarker via  Fox Sports

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