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Hacker Caught Spying On Baby Through Baby Monitor

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An Ohio couple was shocked to discover that a man was spying on their baby daughter after hacking into their baby monitor.  

Little Things reports that the unnamed couple heard the chilling words, ‘Wake up, baby,’ over the monitor.  The voice was that of a man they did not know.  When the mother called the father to investigate, they discovered that someone had hacked into the baby monitor they were using to keep an eye on their 10-month old daughter.

The hacker obtained access to the monitor through a firmware glitch inside the camera.  The glitch allowed the hacker to access the password to the monitor, which enabled him to watch, hear, and speak to the baby.  

The parents called the company manufacturer and were stunned to discover that this was not the first time an incident like this has occurred.  

Little Things posted the story to their Facebook page, which received quick attention from readers.  

One user wrote: “I am glad that me and my husband are having our baby in our room once he is born but leads to the question how secure are our passwords on things like our phones that have cameras on them. Truly a horrifying moment for these parents.”

Another added: “This tech age is quite scary! Big Brother is definitely watching, even in your babies room, your store dressing room, your assisted living room monitor. Paranoia may be the next big psych issue, and for good cause!”

Experts say that when purchasing a baby monitor, one should safely set the security and never use the default password.  

Hopefully, this couple’s story will help spread awareness to the threat that hackers pose. 

Sources: Little Things, Little Things/Facebook / Photo credit: Jacob Tomaw/CC via ​Newsweek

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