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McDonald's Employee Helps Out A Neglected Child

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A Danville, Kentucky, fast food worker went the extra mile to help a neglected child in need of a meal.

Chastity Young was working at McDonald's on Feb. 21 when a police officer came in with a little girl, looking to get her some food. Although Young originally thought the girl was the officer's daughter, he informed her she'd been removed from her grandmother's home after the woman got drunk and left the child outside in the rain.

The grandmother, Lisa Baugh, was ultimately arrested.

"He looked at me and he said she hadn't eaten in a while. That pulled on my heart strings, so I thought what I can do to make her day a little better?" Young told WLEX.

Young told the officer she wanted to pay for the girl's meal, refusing to take his money. She also presented the girl with a My Little Pony toy.

"Something this small, to her it might have meant the world," she said.

Danville police, not aware of Young's name, took to Facebook spotlight her selfless act and applaud her:

"During the course of the investigation, Officers determined that the juvenile victim was in need of food, leading to an Officer taking the juvenile to McDonalds’s on Thoroughbred Drive. When attempting to purchase breakfast for the juvenile, an unidentified female employee, respectfully refused the officer's payment. This employee took it upon herself to purchase the well needed meal and even offered the juvenile an extra portion of milk. Before the Officer and juvenile left the restaurant, this same employee approached the juvenile and offered her a toy, which was gladly accepted. 

"The Danville Police Department would like to acknowledge this small, but powerful act of kindness. It is random acts of kindness, like this one, that reminds us that this community has plenty of caring people, and when given the opportunity, will react positively and with empathy. Thank You!"

The post quickly went viral, being shared hundreds of times.

Young soon became aware of the praise she'd received for what she did to help the girl in need, but said she didn't do it for any other reason but to lend a helping hand.

"Just one small act of kindness can change somebody's day or life," she said. 

Cases of child neglect happen regularly, with another recent case gaining significant attention. A Stanford, Connecticut, couple was arrested in October 2015 for "one of the worst neglect cases" local authorities had ever seen. The couple's baby was found severely malnourished inside of a home littered with liquor bottles. The baby's crib was also filled with feces and had a fly infestation.

Sources: WLEX, WNBC / Photo credit: WLEX

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