Man's Wife And Mistress Brawl In Hospital (Video)

Things took a dramatic turn when a man's wife and mistress both came to visit him in the hospital.

A recording uploaded to YouTube (below) shows a fight that broke out in the middle of a hospital ward when both a man's wife and mistress showed up to see him, reports Daily Mail.

The clip begins with the two women huddled on the ground, while one woman grabs a handful of the other's hair. The women stand up while one woman continues to grab the other's hair. The hospitalized husband makes several unsuccessful attempts to separate the pair.

Eventually, the two are separated before one woman nearly throws an item at the other, but reconsiders at the last second. The husband then tries to calm the situation.

Little information is known about the video, such as where it took place, or the identities of those involved. The video was viewed thousands of times within hours of being uploaded.

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Guilllermogg/Visual Hunt

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