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Construction Worker Photographed Helping Blind Man

An upstate New York man's act of kindness is being recognized by the local community.

Mike Pearl was driving in his car when he looked out the window and saw the unidentified construction worker guiding a blind man across a busy intersection.

He snapped a picture of the good deed with his phone and sent it to a local news channel.

Pearl said the construction worker and the blind man were conversing and laughing with one another, indicating that perhaps the former helps the latter cross the street on a routine basis, according to WNYT.

The news agency also posted the story to its Facebook page on Oct. 5. In less than 24 hours it picked up over 1,500 likes.

"Lest we forget, the world, as seen here, is still full of good people," one commenter wrote on Facebook.

The town of Colonie, where the photo was taken, is Albany's most populous suburb, boasting a population of over 83,000 people, according to the town's website. It's known unofficially as the "Crossroads of the Capital District."

Sources: WNYT, NewsChannel13/Facebook, / Photo Credit: Mike Pearl via WNYT

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