Popeye's Worker Talks About Serving Dropped Food (Video)


A few comments caught after work hours at a fast food restaurant have spread throughout social media.

In a video (below) recorded by Bobbie McFall of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, an employee at a local Popeye’s restaurant made some questionable remarks, reportedly unaware that his microphone was on and that customers in the drive-thru could hear him.  

McFall explained in a Facebook post that although the restaurant was already closed, he and his girlfriend caught the employee saying some “shocking and disturbing things” to his coworkers:

One of the main statements being, '[Expletive] we drop that [expletive], they still going to eat it anyway. They all high or drunk anyway. Ya feel me?' He then proceeded to say, 'We ain't got time for all that extra [expletive] the (hard to tell what was said) workin' us hard as it is."'

The video was posted to Facebook on Feb. 24 and has since gone viral. It garnered over 1,000 likes and 3,700 shares in two days.

"That's disgusting," Kris Mione told KGAN News. "At home the 30 second rule I understand, but not a restaurant that's supposed to be at a higher level."

“Yuck,” Kay Young said. “And I don’t go out to eat much for that reason."

Public health officials state that it is never okay to serve food that has been dropped on the floor.

"Anytime food is dropped on the floor, there's debris that come with it, whether it be a piece of glass or somebody walks through dog waste," Heidi Peck from Linn County Public Health said. "If you do see that, the first step is to let the restaurant know that you've seen something that's not to your satisfaction and give them the opportunity to correct it."

The Popeye's restaurant in question responded to the video on their Facebook page, saying they're investigating the situation.

“Our intention is to hire and train employees to provide an outstanding, satisfying experience for everyone who comes to our restaurants,” the Feb. 25 Facebook post reads. "When we fail you, we fail ourselves, including all of our hardworking, responsible employees.”

"We hope that this was just an offhand joke said in the back of the restaurant and not the true case," Peck told KGAN News.

Sources: KGAN News, Bobbie McFall/Facebook, Popeye's E Avenue/Facebook / Photo Credit: Bobbie McFall via YouTube

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