Reddit User Finds Meteorite In Michigan Woods (Photos)


A Reddit user made a surprising find in the woods, but was unaware of what he had actually stumbled upon until he posted a picture online.

Redditor EnigmaEcstacy shared a photo in a sub-Reddit community called "Rockhounds." He said the "rock" he found in the woods weighed three pounds and was magnetic.

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Another user commented on the post and helped identify what it really was.

"Polish down a corner with sand paper or the like. Does it look metallic or is it still black or brownish?" Reddit user npearson responded. "If [it's] black or brown [it's] likely magnetite/hematite. If [it's] metallic, [it's] possible [it's] a meteorite."

EnigmaEcstacy responded to the comment with a photo of his findings. As it turns out, he actually found a meteorite.

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According to an eBay guide about meteorites, meteorites are more rare than gold, platinum, and diamonds. The guide says that meteorites often sell for at least $300 per gram, which can mean a one pound meteorite could be worth several million dollars.

Seeing as the meteorite EnigmaEcstacy found weighs roughly three pounds, he could make quite a fortune if he makes the decision to sell his finding.

EnigmaEcstacy says he plans to bring his meteorite to a lab to be analyzed for definitive proof that he has a real meteorite.

Sources: Reddit (2), Ebay / Photo Credit: Imgur

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