'We Forgive You': Woman Reacts To Racial Slur With Act Of Kindness


A woman's Facebook post about how she dealt with a rude diner went viral.

The woman, identified only as La Peggy online, was getting dinner from a Jack and the Box drive-thru in Goleta, California, with her son sometime in February when a fellow customer waiting in line behind them hurled a racial slur their way, Fox 13 reported.

Instead of getting angry, La Peggy decided to kill the man with kindness.

She reportedly paid for his dinner and wrote a message on the back of his receipt that read: "We are not ------- ! We forgive you. Enjoy your dinner!"

The woman, who is from Goleta, California, wrote this post on Facebook about the incident, according to Fox 13:

Stopped to get dinner for my son and the guy behind us in the drive-thru yells to my son, "Hurry up, -------." When I got to the window I asked to pay for his order. I wrote this on the back of his receipt and asked the cashier to hand it to him with his food. My son asked me why I paid for his food if he was mean, I explained that being nice to people is easy, you have to be nice to mean people, that's the hardest thing to do.

The post was shared thousands of times on the social media site before the woman eventually took it down, Fox 13 notes.  

A 2014 study conducted by the think tank Demos revealed that 10,000 tweets containing racial slurs are posted on Twitter every day, according to Time. The study, which analyzed 126,975 English-language messages gathered over a nine-day period in November 2013, concluded that 70 percent of these tweets use slurs in a non-derogatory way. 

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Sources: Fox 13, Time / Photo Credit: La Peggy/Facebook via Fox 13

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