Man Sleeps Through Near-Death Shooting (Photos)


A man was almost shot while in a hotel room and slept through the entire thing.

The man, who posted about his ordeal on Reddit under his username WalterWhitmanWhite in 2013, wrote in a caption alongside photos of the aftermath that he "nearly got shot last night" and "didn't even know it."

In the series of photos, the man documented the bed he slept in with a window in the background. On a closer look of the window, it is cracked in several places -- with the cracks surrounding a bullet hole.

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The floor of the room and windowsill are covered in broken glass. More bullet holes and gunshot marks were captured around what appeared to be the bathroom door, and a bullet was found stuck in a countertop.

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Plaster and dust from the walls that were shot was also spotted throughout the room in the aftermath of the shooting.

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"This is in an all-suite corporate hotel in a business plaza with 24hr security and cameras," the man explained in a comment on Reddit.

"I woke up of course but was disoriented and thought the people above were doing something dumb at 2am so I went back to sleep. It wasn't until I found the fallen plaster in the morning that I realized what happened. The guests in the two other rooms that got shot did the same thing."

He added: "All the bullets must have passed within a couple of feet of me. One might even have hit the side of the bed. edit: The cop found the bullet in the photo next to the bed."

A fellow Redditor, Clutchperformer, shared a similar story in a comment on the site.

"I'm glad you are okay. Hotels somehow make things like this weirder. I had a somewhat grosser experience a few years ago.

"My then employer, cheap asses, put me up in a kitchenette hotel near a client's office. The neighborhood wasn't bad per se ... because there was no neighborhood. Just woods and the hotel at the end of the service road.

"I got up sometime during the night and plodded into the restroom to do some business. On my way there and back, in the dark, I stepped in some of the water I had dripped during my earlier shower. No big deal.

"The next morning I woke and smelled something faint but kind of foul and familiar. Then I looked down at the foot of my bed and thought I had given birth during the night. Only I'm a guy, so I ruled out that possibility pretty quickly. But there was blood everywhere around me.

"Slowly I rolled out of bed -- after probing gingerly for open wounds -- and followed the bloody trail to the entry way and saw a giant pool of blood had flowed under the front door in front of the bathroom door.

"Just then, there was a loud knock on the door identifying himself as police. I opened the door with the security bar and asked to see his badge.

"When I opened the door the rest of the way, there was a literal crime scene investigation going on in the hallway and some anxious EMTs wondering if that was my blood covering my lower extremities."

Sources: Imgur, Reddit / Photo credit: ViralNova

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