Woman Discovers Cellar With Antique Jars Inside (Photos)

A woman has discovered a cellar in her home with an interesting surprise inside.

Imgur user madhats86 posted a series of photos of a friend's home. The friend wanted to replace some old carpet in her house, but after she started, she discovered that a cellar door had been present underneath. It is unknown whether the friend owns or rents her home, and therefore, whether she was given a home inspection.

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"I never understood how people were not aware of these 'secret' rooms," wrote Imgur user UncomfortablyNumb. "Wouldn't they be listed in floor plan or at least in fuse box?"

"How do you not know you have a cellar?" wrote Schwarzenheimer.

"When I was a kid I dreamed our house had a secret basement room," wrote StephenDaniels. "My dad remodeled it and tried to put one in, mom over-ruled :("

The series of photos start with the hidden door, which leads to an old, dusty staircase.

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"That's the kind of cellar I never want in my home," wrote one user. "That is the kind of cellar people die in."

"If my knowledge of horror movies is accurate, nail it shut, carpet replaced, move," wrote exparrot78.

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"We have run into a similar situation and it's because we are scared that we've not opened it," said reverserkroger.

At the bottom of the stairs, dozens of old mason jars were found.

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"Looking at the first couple of pictures, I thought this was going to lead to some nightmare fuel [expletive]," said Tingting21. "I was pleasantly surprised."

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"Those canning jars are antiques," said Diana Dodds. "They haven't made them like that for a long, long time."

"Those old jars are worth money, as a person growing on a farm, it is just great," explained Alesia Cool on the Little Things Facebook page. "I am just surprised a [cellar] can go [undiscovered] so long. Carpet does not last that long."

Although some of the jars were empty, many of them had pickled vegetables that had probably been in the cellar for decades.

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"Very interesting they were in a lot of old homes," wrote Marjorie Leblanc. "People did [their] own preserves. And used them all winter."

"I wouldn't eat any of the preserves down there," wrote Imgur user sunflowr72. "It's called botulism! And also.... ew. Who really knows how old it is?? Great find tho!"

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The dates, exact contents, and potential value of the jars are unknown.

Sources: Imgur, Little Things/Facebook / Photo credit: Imgur

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