Mother Arrested For Fight With Student (Video)


A Glendora, California, mother was arrested March 4 after video (below) surfaced of a fight between her and a high school student.

In the video, Erin Lisa Sims can be seen confronting a student at Glendora High School just before another student -- believed to be Sims' son -- hits him in the back with crutches.

A third teen can then be seen approaching the boy with crutches, before Sims moves back in and shoves the student she confronted and tears his shirt. The third individual, according to Glendora City News, is the student's brother.

"The boy’s brother starts walking towards Erin’s son. The mom goes back over to what she says to keep them from fighting," Glendora Police Lt. Matt Williams told Glendora City News.

The mother can be heard shouting obscenities at the student before a school official arrives to break up the fight.

Sims was subsequently arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery, and was later released on $500 bail.

"I really don't want to make any statements," Sims told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Williams said Sims became angry when the teen she confronted made an obscene gesture to her after she honked her horn.

"She comes out to confront the boy. She thinks the boy is being rude to her," Williams said. The student who was confronted by Sims reportedly had a scratch on his arm from the incident, while his brother was uninjured.

One of the brothers made a citizen's arrest, Williams told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Sims' son, who hit the student with the crutch, told police he did so to protect his mother.

"They're all cool. I don't know what exactly happened. It must have been something before the camera started rolling obviously. But I don't see them fighting like that," a neighbor told KTLA.

The video of the incident, which was originally posted to Twitter and quickly went viral, was shot by a student at the high school.

Watch the intense fight below.

Sources: Glendora City News, KTLA, San Gabriel Valley Tribune / Photo credit: Glendora City News

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