Jilted Ex Pranks Man With Ultrasound Pic On Twitter


A viral pregnancy hoax on Twitter has everyone on the edge of their seats.

It all started when Shantasia Phillips, 18, tweeted an ultrasound photo to Kyle Harris, 25, claiming she was pregnant with his child.

Harris denied the allegations and claimed he used a condom. But Phillips replied back with, “Everybody know you go in raw cheap a***,” suggesting that he was too frugal to buy contraceptives.

Then, Harris implied that his friend had impregnated her and provided a screenshot of their text messages.

In the text conversation, Harris also admits he has a girlfriend. “Girlfriend ???? When we first met you were not this type of man,” Phillips replied.

“Now you have a girlfriend and your rejecting our baby. What type of man are you.”

Harris wrote back: “Come on dude u act like my bro ain’t smash… How u gonna put the baby on me like that.”

The cheater then made the mistake of getting his girlfriend, Brena, involved. “I should have my girlfriend beat her ass but I’m gon chill,” he tweeted.

Brena responded by writing, “Nah Ima beat yo ass. FOH! Stope callin me!”

She proceeded to write profanities directed at him.

Harris told BuzzFeed that Phillips -- who he referred to as “one of [his] side chicks” -- “used to mess with my friend, and then she started messing with me.”

“So I told her, how can you put the baby on me when you used to mess with him?” he said. “If she’s pregnant, it’s his.”

Brena reportedly broke up with him and blocked his number after finding out about the ultrasound. “She’d been hearing the girl’s name before, but today was the final straw,” Harris said.

“The only woman that ever had my back is gone. I f***d up big time,” Harris tweeted on an uploaded photo of him and Brena.

While Harris’ love triangle drama was unfolding, his Twitter followers were getting their figurative popcorn out.

One user tweeted, “This Shantasia, Kyle Got No More Jokes, Brena fiasco got me like. Twitter Beef is so entertaining.”

However, others were sympathetic to Harris, while some volunteered to help raise Phillips’ child.

But not everyone on Twitter believed the story. One user did a reverse image search for the ultrasound and discovered that someone else had posted a similar picture on a pregnancy blog in 2011.

Further evidence was an “ultrasound app” which creates the same exact ultrasound image as the one Phillips posted.

It turns out that Phillips was not really pregnant and wanted to prank Harris. She says that she and Harris went on numerous dates and spent almost every day together.

“I guess Brena was the side chick at first,”  Phillips told BuzzFeed.

Sources: Kyle Harris/Twitter, BuzzFeed / Photo credit: Shantasia Phillips/Twitter via BuzzFeed

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