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'Cheating' Man Caught On Burger King Instagram Page

A man complaining on Burger King's Instagram page was accused of cheating by his girlfriend, who saw the post.

Jordan von Smith picked on the fast food restaurant for taking too long to serve his date, despite admitting on the social media page, "those whoppers were worth it."

His girlfriend, Shanlee Rose, saw the message and responded: "I don't recall going last night or ever liking Burger King." 

Believing her boyfriend was cheating on her, Rose followed up with: "Answer your f***ing phone," according to the Daily Mail.

But Smith said in reply that his outing was legitimate: "You need to chill out, I was with [Kit Cass] and we were just catching up."

Cass then commented: "Please don't bring me into this."

Rose proceeded to insult her man's date by saying: "F*** you, you brought yourself into this you fat b****."

She then said to Smith: "Hope the whoppers were worth it. Your s***'s outside."

Other followers of the Burger King site were a bit shocked, with one user posting: "Did I seriously just witness a breakup on BK's Instagram?" 

Another wrote: "Lol this dumb motherf***er gettin' caught on BK's insta."

Another man was caught cheating on his girlfriend through social media in 2016 when a girl he had kissed at a club looked for him on Facebook.

According to The Independent, 22-year-old Pippa McKinney of the U.K. posted a picture of the man she kissed in a Manchester club on Oct. 3 with the caption: "Met this guy last night, took his number down wrong but would love to get to see him again!"

She also informed Facebook followers of his first name and the city he was from. 

McKinney was in for a surprise when a Facebook user tagged her post with the name of another woman. 

According to the Manchester Evening News, she said: "I thought 'who is this' and clicked on her profile, and that's when I saw him in her cover photo. I felt so stupid. I was gutted for myself, gutted for her and gutted for him."

“It never crossed my mind that he might have a girlfriend because he kept telling me he was single," she added. "If I’d known he had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be standing there talking to him, let alone looking for him on Facebook."

The post went viral and made the rounds on Facebook with thousands of likes and shares.  

Also in 2016, a young woman was caught cheating after sending a "sexy" picture to her boyfriend from a hotel room, which featured a suitcase owned by another man.

The unidentified man was communicating with his girlfriend, Jackie, who claimed she was on a trip by herself to Atlanta, when she started to strip.

But after a moment, he saw the strange luggage in the corner of the picture and asked, "Wait, are you alone?" 

​Sources: Daily Mail, The IndependentManchester Evening News / Photo credit: WCCO

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