Rejected Woman's Angry Texts Go Viral (Photos)


After being rejected by a man, one woman's angry return texts have taken the internet by storm.

"I was having a casual conversation with a girl I met, and she goes crazy on me because I told her I wasn't looking to date," Reddit user Austin Super Saiyan explained.

The woman, known only as Amber, initiates the conversation, asking the man if he would like to go on a date with him.

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"Ahh. To be completely honest with you Amber, I'm not really looking to date anyone right now," he wrote in response.

"You seem like a cool person and you've got a good personality and all, but I've just got a lot on my plate," the man continues. "We could definitely hang out though as friends. Maybe do some gaming or something."

Amber, however, wasn't having it.

"You'd seriously turn ME down?" she says in response.

"You're clearly a stuck up a****** of a male. You're luck as f*** that I even asked your a*** out. F**** YOU," she added later.

The man was shocked by the dramatic response, explaining that Amber had acted perfectly normal up until this point.

"Oh wow, thank you for showing me your true colors, I didn't realize you were psychotic," he replies. "We're done here. Please refrain from texting me again."

Amber's replies only become more heated. At one point, she tells her man crush to kill himself, adding that he is "missing out."

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"I don't see how I'm missing out here," he says in reply. "You just went completely psycho on me over nothing. I have a full time job, and I'm in school full time as well. I don't have time to dedicate for a relationship with anyone."

Amber accuses the man of making excuses.

"You are a stuck up a****** and you think your better than this," she says. "You'll never have a girl like me. I'm blocking you."

By that point, the man had had enough.

"*You're *you're You should really see a psychologist," he said. "You should also work on your grammar. Have a nice life."

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Many internet users were also shocked and disturbed by the woman's texts.

"You did well to get out of there like you did," wrote one user. "That is one road of crazy you don't want to experience. Good job."

Sources: ImgurDaily Mail / Photo credit: United States Marine Corps via Wikimedia Commons, Imgur via Daily Mail

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