Store Employee Goes Above And Beyond To Help Dad With Sick Daughter


Dealing with sick children in public is a messy rite of passage for most parents, and Maxwell Auger recently experienced just that with his 19-month-old daughter, Chelsea.

In a Facebook post, Auger wrote that he took Chelsea to a Meijer’s store in Brighton, Michigan, after she appeared to have recovered from a bout of illness.

“My daughter was doing great, she was being such a good girl, she wasn't whining, screaming, or crying, just being a 19 month old lol," he wrote in the Feb. 10 Facebook post. "She was doing so good, I bought her a new stuffed animal she was holding onto the entire cart ride."

However, when the father and daughter reached the baby food aisle, Chelsea reportedly threw up on Auger:

Now, covered in vomit and a crying baby, I still have to get her pedialyte we needed, among other things, and I had a cart full of stuff we needed. I'm pushing her towards the front of the store, holding her in one arm and and pushing the cart in the other. She starts puking again, ALL over me and the aisle. Instead of helping me, people were staring! A crowd starts to form (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!)

However, help appeared in the form of Chris K., a good-hearted employee who came to his aid:

I said to her, with my voice trembling and tears welling up in my eyes, feeling helpless, "Ma'am can you please help me ring this stuff out? I have to get her home." Without a hesitation she said, "Yes sir, absolutely," and put her arms out to hold my kid covered in puke, so I can take my puke-covered coat off and Chelsea's. Then she said, "Follow me and we will get you out of here, I'll take care of you." I felt like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders! Here is a lady who not only was willing to help, but she didn't hesitate to hold my puke-covered, crying kid!

Unfortunately, Auger nearly mowed over his savior with his cart:

She almost fell over in pain. I felt horrible and apologized over and over again. She assured me it wasn't a problem, then limped over to the Jewelry Department and opened a register just for me (then I saw her wincing in pain, I just ran a heavy cart into the back of her foot! Hurts really bad, we've all been there).

Still, Chris persisted.

“She loaded and bagged all my groceries into my cart, and helped me use my debit card one-handed!" Auger wrote. "Chris K you ARE AN ANGEL! You helped me more than I can even begin to express in words. You were an angel to me and my daughter that day and I will NEVER forget what a complete blessing you were!"

The Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering over 19,000 shares and 45,000 likes in 12 days. On Feb. 20, the story was reposted by a Facebook page called “Love What Matters," where it has over 7,000 shares and 40,000 likes in just two days.

The majority of the comments on both Facebook posts praised Chris.

“That's what women do,” Facebook user Tammie Bagley wrote on the post from Love What Matters. "We are caretakers!

“I hope your little one is feeling better. This employee did an outstanding job as an employee and person.”

Sources: Love What Matters/Facebook, Maxwell Auger/Facebook / Photo Credit: Maxwell Auger/Facebook (2)

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