Cyclist Attacked By Driver In Bike Lane (Video)


A 19-year-old cyclist in Chicago was beaten by the driver of an SUV in a fit of road rage after he told the driver to move out of the bike lane (video below).

Colton Sodt was riding his bike to get his hair cut when he passed an SUV sitting in the bike lane, Fox 32 reports. He wanted to remind the driver of the rules of the road. 

“I said, ‘You’re in the bike lane, bro,’” Sodt told DNAinfo Chicago. “Next thing I know, we’re both yelling at each other. A few blocks up the street, he gets out of his car and starts hitting me.”

In the video of the incident, Sodt can be heard shouting at the driver, “I dare you to f*** with me,” as the SUV begins following him. 

The driver quickly blocks Sodt in the middle of the street, gets out, and physically attacks him. The video cuts off as Sodt drops the GoPro camera he used to film the incident.

Sodt later shared photos of his injuries on his face and said that he refused medical attention after the attack and is doing fine.

“There’s not enough done to protect cyclists,” Sodt said. “We often get the short end of the stick. The laws aren’t enforced.”

Watch video of the incident above.

Sources: DNAinfo Chicago, Fox 32, DNAinfo Chicago/YouTube / Photo Credit: DNAinfo Chicago, DNAinfo Chicago/YouTube

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