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Walmart Uses Wrong State For University T-Shirt (Photos)

Walmart has issued an apology after selling University of Maryland shirts that weren’t quite right.

Customers took to social media after noticing that Walmart's University of Maryland Terps shirts showed the schools logo not on the shape of Maryland but on the shape of Massachusetts instead, The Washington Post reports.

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The mishap was first pointed out in 2015 by Twitter user and University of Maryland student Victoria Owens.

"Someone please tell me why Walmart has a shirt that says 'Terps' in the outline of the state of Massachusetts," Owens wrote in a tweet at the time, The Post notes.

The company never responded to Owens' tweet, but when another student pointed out the mistake in March, Walmart responded and said the shirts were designed that way on purpose.

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"The state of Maryland is shaped to dip down on the right hand side which includes the word ’Terps’ for the team," Walmart wrote on Twitter March 31 in response to a tweet pointing out the mistake.

"On the map, [Massachusetts] and [Maryland] are shaped somewhat similarly with the exception of that dip," the company followed up in another tweet.

Days later, somebody on Walmart’s social media team realized the mistake they had made and apologized for the mess up.

"We’re so embarrassed we may never stick our head out of our shell again!" Walmart wrote on Twitter April 4. "Thanks for guiding this lost Terrapin back to [Maryland]!"

"We are working with Russell Athletic to determine how this happened and in the meantime are removing the shirt from our stores," a Walmart spokesperson wrote in an email to The Post. "We understand the pride Marylanders feel for the Terps, and apologize for the mistake."

Sources: The Washington PostWTOP / Photo Credit: Victoria Owens/Twitter via The Washington Post, Samantha Ficco/Twitter

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