Burger King Employees Smash Windows Of Restaurant After Receiving Prank Call About Gas Leak (Video)


A group of Burger King employees in San Luis Obispo, California, were the victims of a prank phone call that prompted them to smash the windows of the restaurant and cause an estimated $35,000 worth of damage (video below).

The prank call came on Jan. 30 from someone pretending to be from the fire department, KSBY reported. The caller told the Morro Bay Burger King employee that the restaurant had a gas leak.

Police said the caller then told the employee to smash the windows in order to help ventilate the restaurant. The employees did that and then some.

A video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube (video below). It shows one employee, who was reportedly the manager on duty, smashing his car into the drive-thru window.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered that the incident stemmed from a prank phone call, Foodbeast reported. They told the employees that if the restaurant had a gas leak, the fire department would have no way of knowing first.

The employees caused an estimated $35,000 worth of damage to the restaurant. The manager on duty was reportedly suspended.

The Morro Bay Burger King will reopen on Feb. 2.

Sources: KSBY, Foodbeast / Photo Credit: KSBY

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