Bike Rider's Heated Encounter With Officer Goes Viral


A video of a bike rider in California confronting a police officer on his right to ride in a city park has gone viral (video below).

In the video, Long Beach Police Lieutenant Mark Cobel is seen approaching a group of bike riders at a park, Infowars reported. Cobel demands that they stop riding in the park because he’s been getting complaints.

“If you’re up here and doing tricks and… I don’t care, but once you get off of this you can’t ride your bikes down here,” Lt. Cobel is heard telling the bike riders.

The bike rider filming the encounter asks the officer if there has been a law change. The officer says yes. The rider then cites a specific law that allows bikers to ride anywhere in the park.

“16.16.502 is the civic sectional code that states you can ride your bicycles around here, so, I don’t know what law you’re referring to,” the bike rider tells the officer.

A heated back and forth follows and the officer asks if the biker had obtained his law degree on Facebook.

“So do I have to have a law degree to be an informed citizen?” The biker responds. “Is that what you’re saying? It’s wrong to be informed, it’s wrong to know the law, it’s wrong to know your rights?”

The biker then accuses the officer of harassment. The officer appears to disagree.

“When you tell someone to not ride their bike when they’re legally able to ride their bike, yes, that’s harassment,” the biker tells the officer. “Your opinion is irrelevant. The law states we can ride our bike. Now do you have anything else to say, or are you going to leave us alone?”

The officer then tells the bikers to have a nice day and walks away.

Sources: Infowars, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot from YouTube

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