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Officer Buys Food For Homeless Family

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A California police officer turned a routine traffic stop into an opportunity to perform a good deed for a homeless family. 

Hayward Officer Jonathan Mcleod stopped a vehicle with expired tags near a McDonald’s, repots KTVU.  Inside the car was a woman and her two kids.  Officer Mcleod could reportedly tell they had been living in the car.

"She gave me her license and she told me, 'Hey, my license is suspended right now. This is all I have, me and my children. We go from shelter to shelter.'

Mcleod could have towed the car, but he took the opportunity to perform a good deed, instead.  

"I asked her if the kids had eaten or anything, and she said no," Mcleod said. Motioning to McDonald's, the officer added, "That's when I said, 'Hey we're already here, let's go inside and get you something to eat.”

A man inside the McDonald’s noticed the scene and snapped a photo, which he then posted to social media.  The man also offered Mcleod some money to help pay for the homeless family’s meal, but the officer declined and instead paid himself.  

"No not at all," Mcleod said with a laugh. "Not at all. I mean, it's something I just wanted to keep it to myself."

Mcleod says he hopes his gesture of goodwill will give people another perspective on police officers.  

"Each person I make contact with, I at least want to leave them with the impression - 'Wow, that officer with Hayward PD, Officer Mcleod, he was a great guy."

Hayward police Sgt. Ryan Cantrell said, "The impact that one encounter has, that one moment that Officer Mcleod had with that lady is going to resonate for the rest of her life and her children, too."

This story comes on the heels of a story out of Georgia where police officers there helped raise $150,000 for a homeless teenager who was found sleeping in a tent outside the gates of the college he was attending, as reported by Fox News. 

Sources: KTVU, Fox News / Photo credit: KTVU

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