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Oklahoma Man Surprises Strangers With Random Acts Of Kindness (Video)

One Oklahoma man is warming the hearts of just about everyone he comes across (video below).

Zach Radcliffe decided to surprise customers at a convenience store by buying food and filling up gas tanks for complete strangers.

“I just wanted to spread some positive vibes here in the Bible Belt,” Radcliffe told KFOR.

Radcliffe’s only stipulation with his charitable efforts was that each person he helped promises that they will do something nice for somebody else to spread the positivity.

“I was just telling them, ‘God bless you,’ and told them, ‘All I ask is for you to pay it forward.’ I told them it doesn’t have to be money, just do something for someone,” he said.

The people listened. After video of Radcliffe was shared on Facebook, he began receiving messages from people who bought pizzas for their local fire departments and did other good deeds, showing that his plan worked out in the best way.

Sources: KFORYouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via KFOR

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