Chicago Officers Escort Lost Elderly Woman Home (Photo)


Two police officers in Chicago are being praised after they were photographed escorting a lost elderly woman home.

Officers Haro and McDonald responded to a call of a found person on July 21, according to Chicago Police Department's Facebook page. When they arrived, they found an elderly woman pushing her walker. She appeared to be lost and disoriented.

The Facebook post says the woman had been walking around the same area for several hours. The officers tried talking to her, but say it quickly became clear she was "nonverbal and appeared to have difficulty communicating."

After a failed attempt at communicating with the disoriented woman, Haro had the idea to write down questions for the woman so she would be able to respond. 

While questioning the woman, the officers learned she lived just a few blocks away. They walked her home and learned she lives alone. 

When they arrived at the woman's home, the officers noticed she had little food in the house. Haro and McDonald then went above and beyond the call of duty and went grocery shopping for her and stocked her kitchen with plenty of food to help her get by.

According to the Facebook post, the officers were thanked by the woman with hugs and tears.

Sources: KTLAMad World NewsChicago Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Chicago Police Department/Facebook

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