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Video Of Cute Baby Saying 'Oh No' After Sneezing Goes Viral (Video)

A video of a 4-month-old baby in West Virginia has gone viral (video below).

Carly and Gabriel Jones had baby Judah in June 2015, the Daily Mail reported. At only 4-months-old, the child became famous.

Gabriel was recording a video of Carly cradling baby Judah in her arms when the baby did something that would win the hearts of thousands of social media users.

“Our cute baby says ‘oh no’ after sneezing,” Gabriel wrote in the caption of the clip, which he posted on YouTube. “It's hard not to love this!”

The video was shared more than 4.6 million times on Facebook and has racked up nearly 250,000 views on YouTube.

“Oh my goodness. My baby is famous,” Carly wrote on her Facebook page in reaction to the video going viral.

The video was so widespread that it reached some familiar faces simply via its massive amount of Facebook shares.

“I watched this via someone else's Facebook and thought, ‘wow, that baby looks like Carly's baby,’” Marcy Stewart, a friend of the family, commented. “Too funny!!!”

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube

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