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Photo Of Waiter Helping Elderly Woman Goes Viral

A photo of a waiter helping an elderly woman cut her steak has gone viral.

The moment was captured by Amanda Bischoff on May 8, WXIN reported. She was dining at a Texas Roadhouse in Greenwood, Indiana, when she noticed an older woman struggling to eat her food.

The woman was trying to cut her steak, but her hands wouldn’t stop shaking. That’s when the waiter stopped what he was doing, came over and cut her steak for her.

Bischoff took a photo of the waiter helping the elderly woman and shared it on Facebook:

Being a server is a tough job, especially on one of the busiest holidays like Mother's Day. The restaurant was packed, but this server took the time to cut this woman's steak up for her, we heard her apologize and say she's just gotten to old. It's nice to see kind gestures and he is doing it with a smile on his face. Great job Texas Roadhouse.

The post garnered more than 35,000 likes and was shared more than 10,000 times by May 16.

The waiter was later identified as former Marine Tyler Guinther.

Sources: WXIN, Texas Roadhouse/Facebook / Photo Credit: Amanda Bischoff via Texas Roadhouse/Facebook

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