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Chicago Trump Supporter Beaten By Five Suspects (Video)

Footage of a group of young men attacking an alleged President-elect Donald Trump supporter is going viral (video below).

The victim is seen being beaten by at least two suspects, Metro reported. An onlooker is heard shouting, “He voted Trump! Beat his ass! Don’t vote Trump!”

The victim attempts to enter a vehicle, but is stopped by one of the attackers. The beating continues until one man is seen entering the vehicle and closing the door.

There was reportedly a total of five suspects involved in the attack, which occurred in Chicago Nov. 9. Several instances of violence and protests have been reported all across the nation since Trump was announced the president-elect.

A group of protesters was filmed marching through Portland, Oregon, shouting, “F*** Donald Trump,” and burning U.S. flags.

Chris Ball, a film producer who was in Santa Monica, California, said he was left covered in blood by a group of Trump supporters in a bar on election night,” Calgary Metro News reported. He reported they said things like, “We got a new president you fu***** faggots,” and attacked him in an alley later that night.

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In South Philadelphia, police responded to three incidents within 24 hours of the election results, Philadelphia Magazine reported. One incident involved a graffiti reading “Sieg Heil” (a Nazi slogan meaning “hail victory”) painted on a window. Three other cars and a house were also spray painted to read, “Trump Rules” and, “Trump Rules Black Bi***.”

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In Oakland, a group of more than 100 anti-Trump protesters blocked freeways, The Mercury News reported. Cat Brooks, one of the protesters, said the police were “blatantly violent.”

“It was uncalled for. It was unnecessary,” said Brook. “They set up the uprising tonight. They returned to an old tactic.”

Oakland police claimed the crowd began assaulting officers with “bottles, fireworks, M-80s, and Molotov cocktails.”

Protesters reportedly smashed a police SUV and lit it on fire. Windows at city hall and nearby buildings were also broken.

Sources: Metro, The Mercury News, Calgary Metro News, Philadelphia Magazine / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Facebook via Calgary Metro News, Philadelphia Magazine

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