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Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Solved With One Letter (Video)


A Wheel of Fortune contestant made host Pat Sajak’s jaw drop when she amazingly solved the puzzle with just one letter on the board (video below).

In a clip of the miraculous win, the contestant named Caitlin first guesses the letter “l," then asks Sajak if she can solve the puzzle even though there’s only one letter on the board.

“Okay?” Sajak replies, shocked that she felt comfortable enough to answer. 

“I’ve got a good feeling about this,” she says. 

“That’s right!” Sajak replies incredulously. 

Caitlin then explains that she simply “had a good feeling” about her answer, which she thought of by looking at the smaller words first and putting it together in her head.

In a similar incident, Yorktown, New York, contestant Robert Santoli was able to solve Sajak’s puzzle with just one letter on the board, which he told Tapinto he accomplished through intense research.

“The instant I got my theme, I immediately came up with an ever-growing list of puzzles themed towards cruises, sailing, fish, boats—anything on or in the water,” Santoli said. “As soon as I saw that ‘Places’ was the category, I had a hunch and then I saw four blanks, an ampersand (&) and nine blanks, and my face just lit up. My reflexes on that buzzer really show throughout the episode.”

Santoli, a 23-year-old who first auditioned for the show when he was 19, went home with $76,000 in cash and prizes including two cruises. He watched his episode at home with family and friends after the taping, and remarked on the excitement he felt being there:

I know I look like a bit of a dork on the show with my high-pitched ‘Yeahs!’ and my childish jumping up and down after winning the Bonus Round, but I was really, to quote the Round [four] puzzle, ‘Living in the Moment.

I was so anxious when on the stage. I was shaking the whole time, first out of nervousness, then out of excitement once I kept solving puzzles. I got those same feelings when I finally watched the episode on TV. It feels weird seeing and hearing myself on a show that I’ve watched other strangers on for over 20 years.

Sources: Rare, Fre$hFlyFuture/YouTube, Tapinto / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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