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What's Coming Down Your Chimney? Gun Store Sparks Controversy With Christmas Billboard

If you’re still not sure what to ask Santa Claus for this year, Blackstone Shooting Sports has a few suggestions. 

The Charlotte, North Carolina, store has put up a billboard featuring Santa with a military-style gun and the caption “Santa knows want you really want!”

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 Palmetto State Armory has also posted a gun-themed Christmas ad. "There’s a lot of people that really enjoy the humor behind the advertisement. And there are some people in our community that don't necessarily like it. We've spoken to them directly,” Palmetto State Armory Marketing Officer Adam Ruonalan told WSOC reported. 

The trend isn’t isolated to North Carolina. Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona is offering patrons holiday pictures featuring “Santa and his machine guns”  from November to December.

(Screenshot from Scottsdale Gun Club's Website)

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Sources: WSOC, Scottsdale Gun Club Image via WSOC

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