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Man Publicly Shames Wife For Cheating On Him With Fitness Instructor (Photo)

One man found out that his wife was getting “personal” with her personal fitness instructor, and the way he decides to get back at her is shocking.

The scorned husband, Richard, discovered his wife, Lisette, had become sexually involved with her physical trainer, a man she has been seeing for the past 6 years, according to Mad World News.

Instead of going to court to amicably part ways, Richard wanted to exact revenge by letting the public know about the affair between his wife and the personal trainer, Chris. So, he printed out thousands of flyers and posted them all over town.

According to Post Grad Problems, a reader shared the note with the website, saying, “Found this ad on my car after leaving the bar the other night. This bro is absolutely trolling his wife who had an apparent 6 year affair with her personal trainer. These flyers were everywhere, on every car I could see. He also put up a similar Google review for Method fitness.”

Below is the note in its entirety:

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My wife LISETTE [wife’s last name REDACTED] the WHORE in the Black Porsche Panamera, has been a client for over 6 years of CHRIS [trainer’s last name REDACTED], who has been providing SEXUAL and EMOTIONAL AFFAIR to my wife the WHORE. 5 days a week at 5:00am.

If you want your wife to have an affair, send her to his GYM and he will have sex with her. I am happy to get rid of this WHORE, who opened her legs to this primate.

He convinced her to LIE about the affair to her husband and continues having sex with him.

RICHARD [husband’s last name REDACTED], the lucky husband who got rid of a WHORE WIFE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

305-XXX-XXXX Cellular

Richard decided that it wasn’t enough, so he posted a quick negative review for the gym on Google and Yelp. Some of the rants have been taken down, blocking any further reviews from Richard. This probably explains why he chose different usernames.

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Tell us what you think. Did publicly shaming his wife cross the line or did she deserve it?

Sources: Mad World NewsPost Grad Problems / Photo Credit: istolethetv/Flickr Creative Commons


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