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Television Host Interrupts Tortoise Sex -- And Pays For It (Video)

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In a hilarious clip from National Geographic, a tortoise interrupted during sex with its mate chases down a television host in slow motion.

Paul Rose, who hosts National Geographic’s "Pristine Seas," was on Assumption Island near Madagascar when he heard an animal call that sounded like a “blowing” sound. As he walked closer to the noise, he noticed a male and female tortoise mating. When Rose and his cameraman tried to watch the act, the two animals stopped mating and touched noses.

Immediately after, the male tortoise slowly turned himself around and began walking in Rose’s direction. Though Rose at first asked his cameraman not to move, the man was forced to back away as the tortoise relentlessly stepped closer.

The tortoise then directed his attention at Rose and slowly defended his territory. The animal apparently attempted to bite a piece out of Rose’s leg.

“This is the male saying, ‘Hey I think you've interrupted my mating session,'" Rose said. “You can't blame him. He's in the bushes over there mating on this beautiful, private island and I pitch up to take a look.”

Though the tortoise was tireless, he finally gave up on his quarter of a mile loop.

The video has been viewed almost 6 million times. 

Sources: Mashable, DailyMail / Photo Credit: YouTube/National Geographic


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