Experiment: Pour Molten Copper Over A Big Mac (Video)

A surprising new viral video may cause you to think twice before you order your next Big Mac from McDonald’s. 

YouTube user Tito4re shared a video experiment in which he pours molten copper over a Big Mac to see how it may react. The outcome may surprise you.

According to Yahoo News, the melting point of copper is 1085 degrees Celsius, or 1985 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The man pours the molten copper over the burger, which you would expect to destroy the burger. But the copper surprisingly runs off the bun, charring it slightly. As flames begin to form, the sandwich remains intact.

YouTube users are now referring to the Big Mac bun as the “bun of steel.”

After nearly a minute, the bun finally began to fall apart and burn. The insides of the burger look untouched as the man pulls the top bun off.

Sources: Yahoo News, Tito4re/YouTube / Photo credit: Tito4re/YouTube

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