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This Is What Fell Out Of The Skirt This Woman Was Trying On At JC Penney (Photo)

Picture this: You’re shopping at your local JC Penney store and find a beautiful red dress. You make your way towards the fitting room to try it on when suddenly a venomous scorpion falls from the dress and lands at your feet.

This was the terrifying reality for Sandra Hernandez, a Bay Area woman who was shopping at the Hayward JC Penney store she once worked in.

Hernandez was in the fitting room of the Southland Mall on Sunday when she encountered the scorpion.

“When I pulled the skirt down I gave it a shake, and when I gave it a shake the scorpion kind of - what I thought was string - opened up and went down to the floor,” she told KPIX 5. “I was shocked I looked down, I said ‘oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.'”

According to Hernandez, the brown-yellow scorpion was about three inches long. She said the scorpion charged at her with its tail up so she kicked it. She was able to confine the creature in the fitting room but when she called a store employee for help, the scorpion managed to break free and disappear into a crevice.

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Hernandez called the store’s corporate office to report her findings. She said the company is trying to find the origins of the garment from which the scorpion was latched onto. The store immediately called an exterminator after the incident.

“It was scary,” Hernandez added. "I'm still startled when I think about it." She said she was carrying the red dress for almost a half an hour before going into the fitting room. She did not buy the dress.

Source: KPIX 5 / Photo Credit: Screen Shot From KPIX 5


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