'The Dress' Round 2: What Color Is This Jacket? (Photo)


Do you remember the heated debate in 2015 over the color of the black and blue (or white and gold) dress? Well one year later, a similiar debate has resurfaced in the form of an Adidas jacket.

The debate began when Nina Penzo, a high school sophomore, created a Tumblr post on Feb. 25. Penzo and her friend, Mariam Kabba, could not agree on the color of the jacket, reports ABC News.

“I hate to make a new blue/black white/gold dress meme but my friend has this jacket and she says its white and blue but I see black and brown pls tell me what you see,” Penzo wrote.

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She was hoping that her Tumblr followers could help resolve the debate. Instead, the color controversy went viral. It only took a few minutes for the post to receive thousands of responses.

Some see white and blue when looking at the zip-up jacket. Others see brown and black or green and gold. There are even more possible color combinations for this jacket than there were for "the dress."

“I think it’s black and brown but my boyfriend thinks it’s white and blue this is tearing our relationship apart,” said Tumblr user nacalade.

Some could not decide on the color of the jacket.

“I saw this earlier and it was blue and black, but when it showed up this time I saw it as brown and black from the corner of my eyes,” said user invadrzia1.

Some were not happy to see another debate about clothing color.

“Please don’t let this happen again,” said user dangrezi.

The official color of the Adidas jacket is baby blue and white, ABC News reports.

"I had no intention of it blowing up," Penzo told ABC News on Feb. 26. "I didn’t think it would get as big as it did."

"The dress" swept 2015. The Adidas jacket is making its mark in 2016. What article of clothing will cause next year’s color controversy?

Sources: ABC NewsNina Penzo/Tumblr / Photo credit: Nina Penzo/Tumblr

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