Daycare Worker Slaps Child On Snapchat (Video)


An investigation is underway after a video surfaced on social media in which former childcare employees were seen hitting and mishandling the children (video below).

In December 2015, Arianna and Tyler Davis' twin daughters were taken to the on-site daycare at 24 Hour Fitness in Richmond, Texas, KHOU 11 News reports. They were 18 months old at the time.

A female daycare worker reportedly slapped one of the girls, and a video of the incident was uploaded to the social media app Snapchat.

"My heart just sinks," Arianna told KHOU 11 News.

A few days later, the manager contacted Tyler to inform him of the occurrence, which was reported by another employee who saw the Snapchat video.

"He wanted us to know that one of my daughters had been slapped and it appears that one of the employees had been horse playing with the girls," Tyler said.

An employee gave the video to the couple. In the video, one of the twin girls can be seen drinking from a bottle with her head on someone’s leg, and then a woman slaps her in the face. During other instances caught on camera, a woman is seen shaking one of the girls and spinning the girls until they fall from dizziness.

"This one’s walking over and this one is just gonna slap her on the back of her head and make her fall down,” Arianna said, referring to another part of the footage.

The parents said they have mixed emotions regarding the way the employees treated their children. Although they are angry, they feel they should forgive the women per their Christian faith.

"I think the two women that are involved need to be prosecuted and put in jail just due to their age at the time," Tyler said. "These people are possibly still out there doing this to other people’s kids."

A spokesperson for 24 Hour Fitness said the company fired the employees immediately and contacted local law enforcement officials.

Upon viewing the video, people on the KHOU 11 News Facebook page wrote that they felt "physically ill" and "livid."

"That stirs emotions in me I don't know how to explain," Facebook user Matt Garrett wrote. "That is a defenseless child."

"Slaps that poor baby while she is laying her head on the ladys knee drinking her juice and that little girl has all the trust in the world that she wouldn't be harmed," Alicia Ballard Ledwell wrote. "Poor sweet baby. I hope that lady gets what she deserves cause if it were one of my kids I'd beat her [expletive]."

Sources: KHOU 11 News, KHOU 11 News/Facebook / Photo Credit: KHOU 11 News

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