Wendy's Sign War Amuses The Public


A sign war between a Texas tea company and a Wendy's has captured national attention.

It all began when Pure Water Ice and Tea Company in Lubbock, Texas, posted a sign featuring Texas Tech Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury, KCBD reports.

"Kliff Kingsbury drinks for free," the post read.

Across the street, Wendy's noticed and responded, starting the war.

"Hey Kliff, hungry and thirsty?" shot back Wendy's via their sign. "We got you."

Since then, the two have been embroiled in a competition, providing endless amusement for hundreds of social media users all over the country who.

"Anything you can brew we can brew better," reads one of Wendy's signs. "Try our fruitea chillers."

"You better check yourself before you wreck yourself Wendys!" shot back the tea company.

In addition to drinks, the businesses have also competed over food.

"Burgers aren't the only thing square at Wendy's," the tea company wrote.

"Everyone knows Wendy's squares up you ain't bout that life," they responded.

The two have even squabbled over who has the better sign.

"Wendy's parking only violators will be served purewater," wrote Wendy's.

"Good thing our tea is stronger than your sign game!" replied Pure Water Ice and Tea Company.

Pure Water server Brad Luzietti later explained the sign war is all in good fun.

So far, they've posted six or seven signs and plan to create more.

"We put up a new sign whenever we get an idea," he said, reports The Huffington Post. "If [Wendy’s changes] their sign, we’ll start thinking hardcore about ours. Some people drive by to look, and some have come in to ask about it."

Both companies say they won't finish the game until the other stops -- or if the man who started it all, Kingsbury, finally steps in.

"He still hasn't come in, so Kingsbury, come inside," sad Kyler Smith, Assistant Manager at Pure Water Tea Ice & Tea Company.

"Hey Kliff man, come see us, we're waiting on you!" added Santos Perez, General Manager of the Wendy's fanchise.

Social media users nationwide are loving the friendly competition.

"It seems to be all in fun ..... No war here," wrote one person on The Huffington Post's article. "In these troubled Trump times it's nice to see people creating smiles for themselves."

"As long as it stays good natured, it can only help both companies," said a second. "People will come that way just to see what they have posted."

"They are both getting great free publicity," added another. "Better for the tea shop since it was not that well known before this."

Sources: KCBD, Twitter (234), The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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