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Wendy's Customer Disappointed By Lackluster Baconator Fries (Photos)

A Wendy’s customer went to the fast food restaurant excited to try their new Baconator Fries, but he left sorely disappointed by what he was served.

Imgur user nathanzepol posted a picture of the pathetic-looking bacon cheese fries after a visit to the restaurant, and the picture quickly went viral. The advertisement for the new menu item shows a hearty plate of fresh cut fries smothered in cheese and topped with bacon, while the picture of what he was actually served shows a pile of unappetizing fried potatoes with some hardened cheese and a couple of small pieces of rubbery bacon on top.

“Nice try Wendy’s,” the caption reads.

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The picture of the fries quickly went viral, and many users seemed to agree that the lackluster results shouldn’t be totally surprising.

“When I watched one of their commercials for these cheese fries I knew that's what the reality would be,” one person commented. “Cheesy lies!!”

After one user suggested that the picture be posted on Wendy’s Twitter feed to “start some s**t,” commenters seemed to want to talk more about what the predictably unpleasant end result of eating them would be.

“Chances are this was eaten and the s**t has been started,” one user replied.

“Ordered this a week ago. If his experience is anything like mine was, you're absolutely correct,” replied another.

Still, some tried to give the fast food chain the benefit of the doubt.

“When I got mine they had better cheese and bacon distribution and more on them,” one user noted. “Fast food places can be good or bad. Mostly depends on the management and ownership.”

Wendy’s Baconator Fries were just recently launched as a spin-off of their popular Baconator double cheeseburger, and while many have seemed eager to try them, they may think twice after seeing what this customer got.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur, Houston Chronicle / Photo Credit: Imgur


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