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Weird Baby Doll Faces Appear In Denver (Video)

Odd 3-D baby doll faces have been popping up around Denver for months, giving residents the creeps (video below).

The different colored faces have appeared on buildings and other structures.

“I’ve seen a couple in Capitol Hill and one over on Speer and Downing at the bridge,” Elaine Wahlquist, a local, told KDVR. “And I’ve commented to my husband several times, ‘Look at those,' and he never seems to notice them.”

Some of the faces were posted near the sign of a salon owned by Pam Schwasinger who said, “I don’t know, I think they’re a little disturbing.”

“We thought it was cool so we left it up,” said Joseph Ramirez, who owns a local cafe that has some plastered on a wall.

“I remember [business owners] were all texting each other, sending each other pictures like, ‘Who is this? Who did this?’” Ramirez added.

Some artists have said that they know the identity of the baby faces maker, but he or she has not commented on what the dolls are supposed to mean.

“Somebody that likes baby dolls?” Schwasinger guessed. “I do not know.”

“Not even going to speculate,” Ramirez replied. “It’s art for art's sake. I don’t know.”

“Not knowing exactly what it means keeps the conversation going. I mean that’s good art isn’t it? Right on. Keep doing it. Whoever you are.”​

The conversation continued on the TV station's Facebook page where commenters wrote:

"I believe it's an expression of someone trying to express that we are going into new era, change its coming, as we all know Denver [is] expanding."

"I bet its a decoy to get media attention...... and guess who took the bait! LOL! More to come at 9.....LMAO!"

"Keeping my mouth shut you guys all read [too] deeply into stuff and you don't even know why the artist did this."

"Creepy reminds me of 'Hill House', remade & renamed 'The Haunting.'"

"They are ugly as hell. I've taken down six of them around my workplace."

Sources: KDVR, Facebook / Photo credit: KDVR via YouTube

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