Weather Story Turns Heartfelt As Homeless Man Shares His Story (Video)


A reporter's run-of-the-mill weather report turned into a conversation about what it's like to be homeless after she encountered a man who lost his home and savings when his daughter died of cancer (video below).

Gina Silva, a reporter for Los Angeles' KTTV, encountered Freddie Aguilar on the street as rain began to fall ahead of the latest El Nino storm sweeping through California on Jan. 7.

Silva started the interview with questions about the rain and whether Aguilar was prepared for the severe weather, but the conversation quickly turned toward tragedy and homelessness as Aguilar explained his circumstances. Aguilar, who told the reporter he was wearing four jackets to guard against the cold, told her how he ended up homeless.

"I’m living on the street because my girl died of cancer of the uterus in 2012," Aguilar explained. "When she was sick, I wasn’t going to leave her in the hospital for two months battling the disease that she had. I lost everything because of her and I didn’t care."

Aguilar told Silva he's staying in a shelter, and has "survived many, many things" in his life, but nothing compared to the loss of his daughter.

"It was all material stuff, the one thing I miss is her," he said. "I would have sold my soul to the devil for her, that’s how much I loved her. Her name was Flor Marlene Bryant. When you lose material things, it’s just material things but when you lose somebody you love, it hurts more than anything.”

Sources: KTTV / Photo credit: KTTV

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