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'We Don't Forget': 60 Years Later, WWII Widow Discovers What Happened To Husband (Video)

A Texas woman waited more than 60 years to find out what exactly happened to her husband during World War II (video below).

Peggy and Billie Harris married in 1944 and six weeks after their wedding, he left to fight in the war. Billie’s last recorded mission was on July 17, 1944, and he was never heard from again.

According to Inquisitr, Peggy, of Vernon, Texas, was originally told that her husband was killed in action. She was later told Billie was alive and coming back home. Then, she was told her husband was dead, but she did not know where he was buried.

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In 2005, Peggy wrote letters to her congressman, Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas. He replied that First Lieutenant Billie Harris was “still listed as ‘missing in action,’” The Huffington Post reported.

But when Billie’s cousin, Alton Harvey, later requested his military records, the mystery surrounding the fighter pilot’s disappearance was finally solved.

"Strictly by accident, I found out he was buried in Normandy, France — had been since 1948," Harvey said.

In 2006, Harvey and Peggy paid a visit to Les Ventes, a small village in Normandy where Billie’s planed crashed.

It turns out the townspeople march down the main road, called Place Billie D. Harris, three times a year in honor of the fallen pilot.

“We don’t forget,” the Les Ventes mayor said.

Peggy never remarried and she now visits the burial site in Normandy every year.

“How can I not be grateful and hold these people very dear,” she said.

Watch Peggy’s interview with CBS News here:

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Photo Credit: Screenshots via CBS News/YouTube


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