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Mother's Dispute With Barista Gets Heated On Social Media (Video)

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A confrontation between a barista and customer at a Philadelphia restaurant went viral, prompting a social media uproar (video below).

Francesca Depasquale posted about the alleged incident on Facebook. It occurred at B2 Cafe in South Philly and involved Depasquale and her young daughter, Vienna. 

"Soooooooo I'm in b2 on passyunk and Dickinson with my sister and friend enjoying a ice coffee and Vienna is playing on my phone listening to a song this f***** lady who works there comes behind Vienna grabs my phone out of her hand puts my phone down nd says I don't want to listen to your music right now !!!!!!!" she wrote.

"Like what ?!!!!! she's f***** 3 I sat there cause I was in such shock and just stuck thank god my sister Got in her face cause I couldn't even think straight !!! I will never spend a f***** penny in this place this lady is lucky I was in such shock and didn't go off I'm speechless literally I will never spend another cent in this f***** place !!!! Ignorant b****."

Depasquale's daughter is battling Leukemia, Eater reported.

The mother's post quickly went viral and prompted many to speak out against the cafe on their Facebook page as well as their Yelp page.

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B2 owner Nancy Trachtenberg subsequently shared a video of what she said actually transpired while Depasquale was in the cafe. The video showed the waitress in question walking over to their table, saying something to the woman's daughter rather aggressively, then walking away.

"Since it was spiraling out of control and further away from the truth, I decided to give them the proof that they absolutely deserve," Trachtenberg said of her decision to post the six second clip, according to ABC 6.

A second video, sent to Eater by Trachtenberg, reportedly showed a woman storming into the cafe around closing time and threatens to kill the barista with cleaning supplies. Depasquale denied knowing anything about that incident.

Depasquale said of a conversation she had with Trachtenberg the following day:

"I explained to her what happened, and I said, do you have cameras? She said yes. And I said, 'Do you see your employee in my daughter's face?' And she said, "Well I don't believe we have to apologize for anything.' I said, 'Oh so it's okay for your employees to get in my three year old's face?' She said, 'You can take your daughter and your phone and go to another cafe because we don't need you here.' And I said, 'I don't need you, but I don't need someone getting in my daughter's face. If it was a problem, nicely just say to me 'please lower your music', like anything, just don't get in my daughter's face. She's got enough going on, she's already scared to death of life." 

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Trachtenberg, however, said that the conversation between her, Depasquale and the barista in question involved the two yelling over each other with little headway made.

The incident was ultimately put to rest, with Depasquale claiming to be over it. 

"We are just going to keep doing what we do, which is serving coffee to the Philadelphia community seven days a week. My employee was just trying to maintain the environment of B2 as I deem it to be. She was just doing her job," Trachtenberg said.

Sources: Eater(2), ABC 6, Francesca Depasquale via Facebook / Photo credit: Eater

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