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Waterspout Destroys 80,000-Pound Mail Truck (Video)

A waterspout destroyed an 80,000-pound U.S. Postal Service truck in Terra Ceia, Florida, near the Sunshine Skyway on Oct. 10 (video below).

Randall J. Leaver was driving north on Interstate 275 when the waterspout came onto land, lifted the truck, knocked it on its side, lifted the vehicle again, turned it back up right and destroyed it; all while Leaver was inside the cab, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

"All of a sudden, I started feeling this gust of wind, and I thought, 'Oh no, is this what I think it is?'" Leaver told ABC News. "I've never been to to hell, but I thought I was in hell."

Leaver suffered some bruises, but no major injuries.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times,ABC News / Photo credit: ABC News Screenshot


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