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Watch What Happens When Squirrel Eats Too Many Fermented Crabapples (Video)

A squirrel was caught on camera stumbling down a tree after eating one too many fermented crabapples.

The furry creature then struggles to find its way home, like any college student during a drunk night out with friends. We feel your pain, little guy.

Check out the video below:

The group of people behind the camera say at first, they thought the squirrel was hurt, as it was falling off the tree and hopping around.

YouTube user Sphios wrote in the video description, “We found this Squirrel in the backyard and thought at first it was hurt but then realized it had one too many fermented crabapples. Sorry about the shaky camera! Had a hard time keeping it steady while laughing.”

While it does seem like a joke, there are studies proving that some animals do indeed get tipsy with naturally occurring alcohol found in fermented fruit, according to Scientific American.

The video has recently gone viral with more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Sources: RareScientific American / Photo Credit: Sphios/YouTube


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