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Watch What Happens When Man In Brazil Throws Meat In Piranha-Infested River (Video)

A Brazilian fisherman throws meat in a river full of flesh-eating piranhas and the resulting frenzy will make you want to cancel your travel plans to the South American country.

In a video posted to YouTube on March 13, it only takes seconds for the shoal of carnivorous fish to tear into a piece of meat before the water becomes still again, Metro reports.

Watch the video below to see how vicious these bloodthirsty creatures can be:

Piranhas are found along the Amazon River, and are known for their razor-sharp teeth and ferocious group attacks when hungry, according to The Independent.

While piranha attacks are rare, they can be deadly.

The Telegraph reports that a 6-year-old girl died in January after piranhas ate the flesh from her legs when she fell into a river during a thunderstorm in Brazil. In 2012, a 5-year-old girl suffered the same fate in another attack.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot via Joao Antonio Cruz Junior/YouTube


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